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How do I join home sharing list?


That title probably didn't make sense, but you are reading anyways, so I will explain.  I have heard about a list that you can be on if you open up your home or property to bikers passing through.  Then you can also get a list of other people that share their homes and properties to touring bikers.  Has anyone heard of this before?  If so, where do I find out about it and how do I become a part of it?  I am planning a low budget tour and would like to meet other tourers and save money this way.  Thanks for the help.  Griff Colegrove

If you're talking about the warm showers list it's at:


Kurt,   Thanks a lot for telling me about that page.  It is one of
the coolest ideas I have seen for touring.  I tried to do the
thumbs up, but it didn't work.  Thanks again,

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There is also a start to a hospitality list on Go to the site and click on Directory, then click on hospitality. There are only 4 of us offering shelter there right now, but the hope is that more cyclists will add their names.

Another place to look is Servas is an international organization that has a list of travelers and hosts. You must be approved as a traveler.

You can also check out
Biking journals at


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