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I'm planning a trip along the Pacific Coast route from
Vancouver BC to Imperial Beach, CA. I live on the east coast.
Anyone know of a flight package that will allow me to land
near Vancouver, then return home from an airport nearest
Imperial Beach? Any alternatives?


don quixote:
Check out Jet Blue and Southwest for flights to Seattle and flights from San Diego or Long Beach. Both sell one way tickets without a premium for not taking a return trip. I have ridden much of that route and would be glad to give you my thoughts off- line at
George Olmstead
San Diego

George Olmstead
San Diego, California

It's possible that you can pull this off with a regular round trip ticket. The airlines don't require that you fly out of the same city you flew into... I did this in 1998 Boston to Lewiston, ID, biked to Jasper, AB, took the train to Edmonton, and flew home to Boston. I did it again in 1999 - Boston to Spokane, WA, biked to Crescent City, CA and flew back to Boston. You can check out airfares for trips like yours by going to one of the online sites. on, click multi-city on the flight screen. I'm sure there are similar options on the other major travel sites. The trips are typically priced like a round trip, not two one-ways.
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