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Send me your basic info, first,last name, address ,city ,state ,zip and email and I'll setup a blog for you to record your daily, weekly adventures.
When I get that I'll send you the user name and password as well as the login location.
here is the one I started a couple of weeks ago.
The blogs are located at

Jean Andre Vallery
Sarasota Florida
Life member #L00915

Jean, what is a blog? A journal? Can I post photos as I ride this summer? I won't be touring with a lap top. Thanks, stan

It is a method to store your personal journal by typing on a computer live on the internet. You need access to the internet, via public libary's, Hotels or internet cafe's. You can upload photos from the computer your using to access the blog. A example is located at.
here is the one I started a couple of weeks ago.

If you are interested in setting up an Online Journal of your bike trip for FREE. You should check out
This is a free, non-commercial website dedicated to bicycle tour journals from all over the world. Neil Gunton, a web-developer and cyclist set this up to show his adventures, then developed it so that you can show yours.
Check out Crazy Guy on a Bike! It's Great!

Adventure Cycling Association

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The only diffrence between his and mine are a couple of things . We are both free, his is done in perl mine php . both allows you to upload a picture.
Of course it's just a choice. I lost my online ride journal from 1999 only because of a foolish error on my part . But I keep copies of everything now. Everyone should. But go with the flow if you like.
His has been up for years , I've been up for 2 months.


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