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Anyone else outthere familiar with Goran Kropp? Cycled from Sweden to Everest, soloed from the north, and then cycled home?

I am looking at doing some trips along these lines but far less dramatic. I am currently living in Germany, is there anyone else out there into both climbing and cycling?

Hi, Brad: No, you are not alone. When I first heard about Kropp and then read his book, I thought (and still believe) that his adventure across Europe and Asia to the summit of Everest was the single greatest adventure I could think of.  He raised the bar so high, I'm not sure it can be raised any higher!  I've been a climber for over 25 years, though the last few have been more involved with cycling, a new passion.  My climbing has been only in the US and Canada.  I currently live in the mountains of the far southern Sierras.  We've got a number of mountains within reasonable striking distance from our home that we could combine with a cycling approach.  I would really like to "Kropp" a peak sometime, though it would probably be "peak bagging" and not technical mountaineering, though I've thought about that, too.



yes i have been climbing for 10 years, i am now 28. i am originally from north carolina and have thought seriously about making a nice long rock climbing pilgrimage by bike through the state's major areas; of which there are superb ones.

i came to cycling from climbing becuase my job, i am an army officer, required me to stay near house since my initial unit out of university had a "recall" and "emergency deployment" contingency. needing something to do and living in the coastal plain of north carolina i started cycling, both on and off road since the only climbing was on three large railroad trestles!

since then i've been cycling and climbing avidly and would love to undertake some long cycling and climbing tours, a'la goran kropp.

a few years back there was a couple raising money for the access fund by climbing and cycling around the states...not sure of the specifics but i would like to find out more about that as well.

i think that cycling and climbing could open a large range of adventures.

I'm into both, too.  Been climbing for 10 years, cycling for a little more, touring for the last year.  Hey MrBent, I'm in California too, but Bay Area based right now.  

I just got back from NZ, and it was heartbreaking to not climb there... but the idea of hauling all that gear around was just unappealing - my bike was heavy enough already.  I'm more into trad and aid climbing, and I don't really boulder, so the gear comittment would be big.  I guess I would need to haul a partner around too? ;>  

Kropp's da man.  RIP


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