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I am currently riding a Jamis Nova as my commuter, want to turn it into a tourer but am concerned that my fenders will not fit under racks due to having to mount them on pannier brackets as well.

How does anyone out there have their nova set up?

I too am looking at the Nova for a tour/commuter bike. I figured the 'rear pannier only' limitation won't be a problem since I'm already a lightweight backpack carrier, so my base weight will be around 25-35 pounds. Combined with a handlebar bag I should be in good shape. Does anybody use a set up like this with the Nova or similar bikes? Should I be worried about high speed wobble? I'm reluctant to get a full touring rig since I won't need to carry so much excess weight, and I want my new ride to be a good commuter after I tour.

You can easily double up and mount both a rack and fenders using the same set of rear dropout (or fork)
 eyelets.  I've done it on two bikes with no problems.


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