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NZ - A Gr8 place to tour!
« on: January 19, 2005, 05:20:13 am »
We have just finished 28days touring the Sth Island of NZ (again!).  We are from NZ, so perhaps a little bias - still we wanted to give you some insights for all you pedal anxious people out there and ask some questions that will help us with our plans.

In NZ you can travel SUPER light.  You need to be fairly fit as often you might not see a town for 80kms or so (if you are taking the quiet back roads) - but its easily achievable because you can carry less load.  We have backpackers that are around $18 - $20 per night per person (and yep if you want a double room the price doesn't really go up!, and cater for all your needs.  It would be very uncommon for them not to have a washing machine and dryer (usually about $3 for both), linen, pillows, and a kitchen which will often have plates, cutlery and cooking hotplates etc.  (we would reccommend taking a cup and spoon of your own though).

What is the set up like on the TransAmerica trail?  We are doing it in May and all the American's we have met have intimated that it isn't quite as well set up as NZ?  Do we need a tent?  If not - what about sleeping bags?  Do you have a similar Backpacker set up?  It sounds like its more likely to be cheap motels?

Anyone out there done it?
And anyone out there that want hints or info on NZ - bring it on!!

Cheers, Heather Text