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Scary tour experiences
« on: May 09, 2005, 07:11:17 pm »
I had a few on my Trans-Am tour.

1) Riding at night off route on busy truck route, my partner wrecks in road (no helmet).. I had to pull her out of road then her bike.  Very scary moment as I tried to assess the injury in the dark with trucks going and her crying!  Could have been avoided, big learning situation.  (wear a helmet!)

2) Greyhound "misplacing" our bikes!  recovering them one day later, a good scare..

3) Police confiscating bike panniers we had hidden in a tree while off doing some hiking.  We assumed them stolen!

4) Hit by car (in parking lot).  Even wearing bright orange and making eye contact with driver (who was not moving) he slammed the accelerator (accidentally I hope) as I passed his vehicle, crushing the front end of my bike, though I escaped unharmed.

5) Swimming in Johnson's Shut In SP in Missouri (highly recommended stop on Trans-Am).. heavy clouds rolled in, locals advised us we could continue swimming.  Moments later were all received a heavy jolt as a lightening bolt touched the water!  Very scary.

Every single one of these could have been avoided, but hey, life is for living and learning right? ;)

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Scary tour experiences
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2005, 01:52:48 am »
Lightening bolt hits water. What a shocking experience. I hope your riding partner was ok when the head injury happened. My most scary experience heppend when i was watching the scenery behind me, and i hit a parked car. Bike stayed be hind the car, i flew over the top of the car, and landed in the front. Road rsh face, how was i going to explain that. Then two months later i hit a pole, while watching the scenery, Vioce went to a higher octive for a moment. My buddies i was ridding with heard the crash, and saw what was walking away, and new how the whole thing happened.  :blush: