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How to Shop at the Salvation Army For Gear
« on: May 10, 2005, 06:07:54 pm »
Tuesday Morning is the best day to shop at the Salvations Army most of there stuff that has come in over the weekend has been sorted stocked.
The Salavation Army or SA has a 3 tier pricing policy based on a coler coded system. The Longer the stuff has been there the lower the price.
 The one near my house uses yellow red and purple. Yellow being the youngest purple being the oldest.
Stuff that is Yellow is usaly non negiotible. But Red can be bikered down to Purple.
Sleeping bags are found  in whites. If You cant find a sleeping bag a lightweight comforter will do just fine. You can use a neck tie to tie it together. Make Sure it is clean and has no stains.
Clothing I have found is hard to get if you are a size 30 men. The Salation Army has been over pricing alot of stuff so be carefull
Nic-nacs are the best place to find electric razors,radios and the like
Still Cant find What you assertive and ask to go the back room.
Still cant find it..Most Salvation Armys have a Central Store/Warehouse
Ask were the Regional Store is. At the Warehouse if you cant find it there you cant find it anywere.
Bikes at Salvation Army often just need a new inner tube to get moving
check all the gears and dont pay over 23.00 for a used bike