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MTB Onstar
« on: May 28, 2005, 03:57:25 am »
Here's an amusing story that just goes to show that it pays to be

For the past few days I have been attending IPMBA* Police Cyclist
training as part of my job as a state park ranger. Because we spent
about half of the 40-hour course on bikes, I carried my National Mountain Bike Patrol hydration pack with me, along with all the things I normally would
have in it: Clif Shot, Clif Bars, tire tubes, sun screen, bug spray,
first aid kit, multi-tool and my new Planet Bike air pump. Every
time somebody would blow a tire, need some sunscreen, need to fix a
mechanical problem or some quick energy, I would pull what they
needed out of my pack and give it to them. About the third time this
happened, one of the cops in the class looked over at me and
asked, "What are you; like an 'OnStar" for bikes?" I
replied, "Something like that."

Well, the name stuck. I was "OnStar" for the rest of the course.
Thanks to Kenda, WTB, Tender Corporation, Clif Shot and Bars,
Coppertone and Planet Bike for providing the supplies I needed to
help out some cyclists in a totally different setting.

Ride safe,
Hans Erdman, WEMT
Patrol Director
Backcountry Trail Patrol- MN

"In the incomparable splendor of backcountry trails through the forests of the north, I have ridden with bears, watched the eagles soar, and glimpsed the gray wolf watching me ride." H. Erdman, Journal entry, May, 2005.

*International Police Mountain Bike Association

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