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Summer of 76'
« on: March 25, 2006, 05:53:18 pm »
Hi. Mike Harris and I rode west to east joining on the Trail on June 11, 1976 at McKenzie Bridge in Oregon and left the trail on July 23rd in St. Gennevieve Mo.

I would love to hook up with Ritt Rittenhouse or any other friends from along the way

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Summer of 76'
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Mike.Devey wrote:


I would love to hook up with Ritt Rittenhouse or any other friends from along the way.

Whoa, it's a small, small world! I met Ritt on an Alaska Highway bicycle trip in 1996. I haven't seen him since, or heard anything about him for a long time, though. You can read about our trip on Ed Noonan's website at Ritt, my husband and I rode with Ed on the Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia portions of Ed's trip. Ritt also joined Ed for some riding later on his ride to the tip of Florida.

Wow! That's ten years ago!

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Summer of 76'
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Hi Judy,

Well my trip was now thirty years ago and Ritt had a gray beard then.  Wow, he was still seriously riding at age 61, cool.  he is doing better that I am.  My last tour was in 92 with Harris when we rode to Quebec City (great trip).

Consulting my log from that summer (which I now must read with glasses) Harris and I first met Ritt on June 11, 1976 in McKenzie Ore.  We camped with him and another guy.

Sorry Ritt, the entry goes:

"The other gentlement is 41 but looks older.  He is sporting a full beard but is much grayer all around and slightly heavy all around.  Now he has all the official equipment and the best bike, custom made frame and all.  We know neither of their names but both are pretty fair campers but know little of distance touring and the older gent (Ritt) took his longest ride ever the other day: 63 miles."

Please excuse the conceit of youth.  I was only 17 at the time.

We last saw Ritt on July 22 in St Genneveive Mo.

Wow, we saw Ritt on our fist and last days on the Bikecentennial route!

If you or your husband know how to get in touch with Ritt, have him post and I will track him down.

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