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Hi BC, Northern Tier Advice
« on: March 26, 2008, 01:00:25 pm »
Hi BC, thanks for the tire advive.  My Nothern Tier Route May 1 is a little modified. Hoping for better weather early on, on the TA vs NT.  Starting Off on The TA in Eugene through Idaho to Baker City MT, (ANYONE KNOW IF MAY 1st MIGHT BE TO EARLY HERE??) then taking the Lewis & Clark up to the Northern Tier, over to the Great Lakes Loop, over to Buffalo, NY and up Rt 3 through the Adirondacks (which I see you might do in Autum -- good choice)might see ya there.  I'm taking Rt 3 to Ticonderoga, NY then down Rt22 to my homwetown of Chatham, NY and then to the Atlantic.

Any tips on the Northern Tier part I'm doing, planning a self contained tour.  Recently relocated to Santa Fe, weather here is AWESOME and BIG HILLS :-)

My email is   I'd like some of your thoughts on the NT, things to watch out for, things to bring?

Thanks in Advance,
BioDiesel Bob

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Hi BC, Northern Tier Advice
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2008, 02:54:34 pm »
There is a good chance Mckenzie Pass won't be open yet, but Santiam Pass probably will be fine as an alternate.

We caught Mckenzie Pass closed to cars but open to bikes.  It was great.  That was June 16th last year.  It is possible that it could be open but it is iffy.  The previous openings can be found at:
It often opens for bikes a week or two before it opens for cars.  Check with ODOT to be sure or ask at the ranger station in McKenzie Bridge when you get there.

McKenzie Pass is worth doing if it is open.