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Weather - we love to talk about it...
« on: July 03, 2008, 11:39:51 pm »
Weather - we love to talk about it, but we can't do anything about it - but is that a true statement and assumption?  We can forewarn ourselves on what is pending to some degree and act accordingly.  We can open the tent flap and see 'What's Up' and be self aware of our surrounding as we travel. So that is my question with respect to the weather and loaded touring.  Do most of us just properly prepare from an equipment point of view (rain gear, fenders, cool water, etc.) and then use the equipment as we tour?  Or, do we forewarn ourselves and simply avoid the worst of it (take a day off, duck indoors, sleep in late).  Basically, I am talking mostly in reference to rain, but I guess we could include cold and heat.  I do not know of many who tour in the snow/ice - but I know there are a few.  

I have been wondering if I can glean suggestions from the community on what riders think and act.  In the past, I personally carry appropriate gear for a level of slightly worse weather I would reasonable expect for the tour I am planning and then ask the locals (including internet surfing when available) as I travel to get daily updates.  At times I have found this to be tedious and simply look up at the sky every now and then.  In non really heavy rain and cold I ride. I avoid heat (above say 95) and cold below 32.  Does anyone carry a portable radio (portable -  :blush: duh! - or one with a really long extension cord - glad I proof read this first).  If yes, what are your recommendations for radios and what can one expect for reception, batteries are always an issue. Are the weather channel radios of value? Of course these options and actions are not mutually exclusive so all the above works too.  Other options? Suggestions.

PS:  Was wondering if I should ask this question on the forum, it seems like a no brainer and have been putting it off until I read Michael Deme's editorial "Bad Weather Blues" today, in the June 2008 issue (FYI - its not online yet).

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Weather - we love to talk about it...
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2008, 09:45:07 am »
You could get a cheap inxpensive battery operated AM/FM radio with a weatherband on it, or with more money, you could get a more fancy am/fm radio with a weatherband on it that also supports the weather alert system which will notify you of any serious weather alerts issued by the NWS, NOAA, etc. As a kayaker, I have a marine band VHF radio that has AM/FM, an FRS radio, Marine VHF radio of course, a Wx band and Weather alert mode, all in a waterproof (IPX 8) package. It's a bit heavy to use on a bike tour, but you can buy something that is a lot cheaper and a lot lighter package.


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Weather - we love to talk about it...
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2008, 12:59:17 pm »
On tour I don't bother with weather forecasts beyond what I hear from the local folks.  I have generally been lucky with precipitation and have been rained or hailed on some, but probably less than my share.  Some rain is no big deal unless it is cold, but I imagine that it would get old if it rained day in and day out for too long.

Heat on the other hand I have ridden in what is probably more than my share.  Last summer on the TA we had 100+ a lot of the time.  I found that I can acclimate to up to  106 F or so pretty well if I drink enough and don't push too hard.  I haven't had to deal with 110-115F so I don't know how do-able that is.

Humidity obviously lowers how hot it can be comfortable, but I have seldom ridden in much over 100F when it was humid.