Author Topic: Need advice to cycle South West from Montreal to join the TransAmerica trail  (Read 2978 times)

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Offline Jbcorrelje

As part of my cycle tour around the World (have been on the road now for four years) I am now in Montreal. 
I am considering heading South West from here to join the TransAmerica trail at some point. 
My questions are:
1. Are there any (established) cycle routes going SW from Montreal?
2. Do you happen to know anyone who has done something similar?
3. Where can I find a summary of places to spend the night (wild camping, camping places, hostels etc etc) in Canada and in the Us?
4. On which Canadian and American bike forums could I also post these questions?

You can contact me on:

I hope to hear from you, I appreciate you advice,
Thanks in advance,
Jan C. 

Offline Pat Lamb

Call me pariochal since I don't know my Canadian geography.  However, I'd think about heading down to the Underground Railroad AC route, and pick up the TransAm around Cave in Rock, IL.

You might consider veering north to St. Louis to pick up the Katy Trail, then work your way from its west end down to the TransAm somewhere between Golden City, MO (and Cookie's Cafe with the famous pie selection!) and Wichita, KS, to skip some of the Ozarks.  Scenic, yes, also steep, hot, and humid.

Offline geegee

If you'd like to see a bit more of Canada, head out towards Ottawa, either on Route verte #1 to Gatineau, or #5 to Vaudreuil-Dorion and follow the river to Hudson and Rigaud then on quiet county roads through Vankleek Hill. There is also a gravel rail trail from the Ontario border that takes you into Ottawa. You can PM me if you need more specific information on the capital region, I'm also on

From Ottawa, make your way towards Kingston where you can take a ferry to Wolfe island and another to Cape Vincent NY. From there it's an easy ride to connect with the Northern Tier to Buffalo, then the Underground Railway to connect with the TransAm at Cave-in-Rock.

If you want to skip Ottawa, you can head to Kingston from Montreal along the St-Lawrence on the Waterfront Trail.
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Offline windrath

Good Evening -

Are you set on the Transamerican Route?  If you were equally interested in the Northern Tier, you can follow the St. Lawrence Seaway towards Lake Ontario.  Cross over into the US at Massena and continue along the Seaway to Clayton or further west.  Then, head down through Dexter (west of Watertown, NY) and connect to the Northern Tier.  You can continue south from there to catch the Transamerican if you want.

You probably already know this that going southwest from Montreal is into the wind the entire way.  The prevailing wind is from the southwest almost 95% of the time.  Ugh.

Hope this helps.