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Southern Tier in January - February

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Hello everyone!

I´m going to ride Southern Tier starting 28th of Dec by first riding from Los Angeles to San Diego.

After (hopefully) arriving to st Augustine, I´m planning to ride to Orlando and after visiting Disney etc I´ll take a train via Washington to New York from where my flight leaves 14th of Feb back to Finland.

As now I haven´t anything special to ask, I´m hoping to get some conversation about Southern Tier route itself, and maybe find some links to ST travelogues! ;)


Hello Raine,

I am planning on taking the Southern Tier from East to West starting mid December or very early January.  I am looking for the same info as you and potentially a riding partner for part or all of the trip.  If you come across any good links, sites, etc., please pass the info on to me or post it on here.  My email is  Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing from you.  The Adventure Cycling site has some good info, including the Ken Kifer pages.  He gives lots of advice and lots of tips that I would never have thought of on my own.


Here are few links I´ve found to be useful:

Southern Tier travelogues:

Bicycle touring related links:

One of my favorities, not really related to touring in the US, but I´ve found these pages very inspiring:

As I mentioned earlier, I will be riding Southern Tier from west to east, so it would be very nice to meet up on the route! If you do the route at the time you described, we will pass each other somewhere in the middle of it all, most likely very close by.

As I´ll be traveling alone, I would love to meet anyone sharing the same kind of trip. Maybe we could head out for a dinner and beer together if our paths cross! ;)

I´m also interested on any information and tips about the route and anything related! It was nice to lear that I´m not the only one heading there that time!

Please keep me posted about your trip!


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You both should try There are some  journals posted there that have good equipment lists. The one I read was by Steve Fox - Steve's Southern Tier. Lots of information.

Have a Great Ride

I live in Austin and I came up with a better way to get into
Austin than what's on the Adventure Cycling maps:

This will save you nearly 50 miles and I think the ride is more
pleasant to boot.  :)


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