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I'm making plans for a 6 month camping tour of Australia starting the first week of March 2004 and need any first hand experience, advice or criticism you have about my plan. I'm hoping 6 months will be enough time if not I will extend my trip (I'm retired).

My plan A itinerary is .

March-- Perth to Albany, Esperance, Adelaide then Melbourne.
April---- Melbourne to Lakes Entrance, Sydney then Brisbane
May---- Brisbane to Rockhampton, Townsville then Cairns
June--- Cairns to Mt Isa , Tennant Creek then Ayers Rock
July---- Ayers Rock to Darwin then Wyndham
August- Wyndham to Derby, Broome, Carnarvon then Perth.

I would take the scenic routes following highway 1 staying close to the coast line where possible. If I ride 50 miles a day through the populated areas and as many miles as possible through the un-populated areas I should have a few days off now and then. I prefer to ride and enjoy the outdoors and scenery versus visiting museums or out of the way historic sights. Not that I don't enjoy museums and historic places I do.

Thank you for any and all information you can give me.


Hi there,

I have completed a couple of cycle tours in Aussie

more info here webpages
Another really good place to try is phred cycletouring forum, there are a few aussies on here that give some great advice ... in particular Neale Green who does a lot of biking in the outback.

hope this helps,

click here to email me

And you might want to read "Cold Beer and Crocodilles" by
Roff Smith published by Adventure Press (National

crossing the nullbar-be prepared to pay for water-it is very scarce. we had heaps of carrying capacity, so rarely ran out. occasionally we filled our containers while we were in a (paid for) shower. forget those  little bottles=get some 2=4L bags.
sydney to brisbane=consider the bus. you'll be spoiled after the wilds of WA and SA.
lakes entrance and that coastal area-SAND FLIES!!!!
if you have specific questions don't hesitate to contact me off line.
6 months isn't anywhere close to being enouigh time for this trip.
keep your sense of humor, and watch out for those roundabouts!

Janet,   Why take the bus between Sydney and Brisbane?
         I plan 6 months min 9 max with a short trip to NZ.
         When did you tour Australia?
         Thanks for the pay for water info I'll need to get a bigger Platypus maybe 2 or 3 since I drink a lot more than usual.          


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