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We're considering biking next July from Vancouver, BC to Creston and wondering what the experience has been biking on Hwy 7 from Vancouver to Hope and Hwy 3 from Hope to Creston.  Interested in road conditions, shoulders, traffic, camping, a food availability.  We would also like up to date info on a Trans Canada self contained bike trip.  We have info from 1976, but would like to update.  Interested in where to get new info.  Thanks!  Marge

Route 7 is kind of messy getting out of Vancouver but once past Maple Ridge the shoulders are wide and traffic weekdays not too bad, If you ride a mountain or a hybrid bike you can take some of the Trans Canada Trail as far as Haney. There is only one section that is really bad and thats around Lake Eroch as you are heading towards Harrison Bay. Steep and no shoulders to speak of.  once  North of Aggasi to Hope there are really no facilities to speak of.Hwy 3 from Hope to Manning part lodge is steep but for the most part a decent shoulder. There is camping available and the lodge seves food. Unfortunately from Manning Park Lodge once you get out of the park until Carolyn Mines the shoulder is not very good. From Princeton to Osoyoos the shoulders are great and there are lots of camping and places to get food. One ugly steep 21km climb out of Osoyoos with virtually no shoulder start early (6AM) because probably 40 degree centigrade noon time temp.from top of hill to Salmo road has fairly good shoulder for most of it but wakeup strips can be a pain.lots of hill but lots of places to stay and pick up food. At Salmo you will have to make a decision are you going the Salmo Creston(Kootenay Pass) or up thru Nelson and Kootenay Lakes (most cyclist take this route-way easier althought on far side of lake narrow shoulders(very) If you go up and over Kootenay Pass there is absolutely no facilities of any kind or designated camping until you get to Creston this is a very remote area. A 25-27km climb up and just as long and steep down (actually longer) one hell of a hot and sweaty climb and you want to be down before dark.  It is possible to emergencey stay in a cabin at the very top ( I found this out when I reached Creston) but the shoulders are wide.  If you want specific info let me know and by the way if you are riding a road bike I hope you have a triple chain ring cause you will need it

Great Cycling Donna

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Sounds like an absolutely fantastic trip. There is book available in the Vancouver and surrounding Lower Mainland city libraries titled " Cycle Routes of South Central British Columbia" written by Paul Wood. I have not seen the book in bookstores recently. It is published by Paul Woods Publications of Sidney B.C. Distributed by Sandhill Book Marketing of Kelowna B.C. Telephone 250 763 1406. There are 13 pages devoted Highway 3 from Hope to Creston The book outlines the ride, gives vertical profiles and provides the names and location of provincial campgrounds along the route.
For your cycle from Vancouver to Hope there is also a section in the book however this ride takes you from the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal to Langley and then thru Abbotsford and to Hope. I have ridden both routes. I prefer Highway 7.
I have the Cycling Canada book published in 1995. I have searched at Chapters Book store for an updated book however it appears to be out of print. The book was published by Bicycle Books Inc of San Francisco.
As an alternative you might want to look up up some of the Cycle Canada sites. There have been journals written by some of the riders. This would give you Vancouver to Hope description. I believe they take Highway 1 after Hope through the Fraser Canyon.
I hope this helps  

I have a couple of trip reports of that ride/area and also other routes out of Vancouver that are better than Highway 7.

Sift through my website, especially the Cross Canada trip, and 8 summits trip.
Routes are on the information pages.

Highway 3 is spectacular to ride!!!

Adam K.
Sidney, BC Canada


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