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Slocan Valley BC info?


Can anyone share any information about biking
through the Slocan Valley of British Columbia? I'm
interested in road conditions, grades, shoulders,
etc. Thanks.

Sorry to say there is not much in the way of shoulders but also there is very little traffic.Lots of hills especially between Slocan and New Denver. Also are you travelling from New Denver to Kaslo-if so  the hill out of new Denver is a dandy. This is very beautiful country and although the roads have no shoulders there is not much in the way of traffic so you can really enjoy the scenery.All the small torwns here have little in the way of accomodation but there is some and atleast one campground at each town

Great Cycling Donna

Thanks for the info, Donna. Can you tell me anything about
the ride between Golden and Revelstoke?


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