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Does anyone have riding info and insite as to route 97 that starts in Weed CA. and goes North though Oregon, Washington, and spans most of BC? Looks great on map, but it would be nice to know more. Thanks in advance for your help.

I may be able to assist you with the B.C. information. What highway number do you wish to ride in B.C.? Number 3 runs along the Southern border with th U.S. and I have seen bike tours on it.

The Oregon stretch of Hw 97 generally has wide shoulders
but lots of truck traffic. If you can handle the noise, etc from
the trucks the shoulders help make the ride tolerable. There
are a couple of alternatives which involve more mileage but
less traffic. For instance, from Klamath Falls you could divert
to Lakeview then head north towards Bend vaguely parallel
to 97. Or you could go north out of Klamath Falls to slant over
to Hwy 62 near Chemult then take Century Drive back into
Bend. From Bend you can follow several routes, one of which
could be 97. There are adequate campgrounds/sites/RV
parks and motels along the route. The whole thing is kind of
boring compared to the coast route or a ride through the
Willamette Valley.

Oop! I gave you the wrong Hiway number when I said to take
Hiway 62 near Chemult. It is Hiway 58 you want which heads
west a few miles north of Chemult. Then you'd take Century
Drive aka Cascade Lakes Hiway which heads north just
before Crescent Lake. It is a great ride into Bend from there
but you'd be wise to carry a one day food supply in case you
decide to stop short of a resupply spot. There's a small store/
lodge at Lava Lake and a restaurant at Elk Lake, both
several hours ride from the turnoff from Hiway 58. Last
comment: Check ODOT or other road reports to confirm the
road is open if you are riding in the spring or late fall since
snow shuts it down for the winter months.

Thanks for all the info on the OR leg, still in planning stages for ride next year.


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