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I'm taking the North Lakes route, Escanaba to Luddington.

How bad is Route 2 in Michigan, traffic wise?

Any memorable motels, good or bad?


I rode the North Lakes route last summer from Escanaba, MI to Luther, MI.  US 2 traffic wasn't bad at all, and the highway has a wide rideable shoulder.  No one in our group felt unsafe on US 2.  Our group camped, so no motel info to share.

Thanks for the tip, Zendo.  Any comments on the Lower Penninsula roads; I know they'll be days of hills early on.

thanks for your help,

Yep, hills early on, for the first few days.  The "Tunnel of Trees" on the day from Mackinaw City and to Petosky is a treat.  I remember the day from Petosky to Traverse City being one of the toughest.  After that it levels out a good bit.

I'm reviving this thread, because I recently moved to Wisconsin, and I'm considering doing the North Lakes route.

My concern is wind and bugs. If I wait for late August, can I bike bug free?  What about the wind?



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