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Has anyone done any riding on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon?  I am going to be heading down to that area in late May.  I would like to explore some of the dirt roads, especially out to Point Sublime.  Does anyone know if this is feasible on a fully loaded touring bike with 700c x 37 tires?  Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Also looking into the possibilty of riding Smoky Mtn. Road between Bigwater and Escalante in southern UT (another dirt road).  Any input here as well would help.

Haven't done any riding there, but just cruised one of those dirt roads past Mt. Trumbull and the whole Tuweep/ Toroweap area.  Not a whole lot of services in there, but I guess the road looked ridable.  Sounds like a sweet adventure to me!

Check out the inernet on the Rainbow Rim Trail.  It
is located at the north rim of the grand canyon but
is in the national forest and just outside the
national parks boundaries.  It's 18 miles point to
point and has 5 points that overlook the canyon.  
Each of the 5 points require a 20+ mile long trip
down a dirt forest road and free primitive camping
is available at each of the points.  It's a great trail!
Not too steep or technical but hilly, twisty
singletrack.  Enjoy!

Arizona is a place where you must bring your water or know where you can find some.  Be safe.


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