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Zion to Vegas?


We are planning a trip along the Southern Tier from east to west next spring, but taking the spur up to the Grand Canyon and Zion N.P.  Since we want to end up in L.A. instead of San Francisco, we thought we'd cut across southern Nevada from St. George, Utah to Las Vegas and then on to L.A. from there.  Does anyone know anything about the route between Zion and Vegas?  Terrain?  Best roads?  Terrible passes?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I live in Las Vegas and will be planning a similar route soon. As of now, all I can see is that it will require some freeway (legal) riding. I know that from Mesquite to Northern Las Vegas that will be the case. Will let you know later about other routes.


Hi. My name is Lou. I think I could be helpful to both you and Ron so you don't have to build a new wheel, so to speak.

Lou (and Ron), any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, in terms of routes, quality of the roads, weather in late April, terrain, etc.  Many thanks!

If you'd prefer, you can email me off-list at

Lou, feel free to add your thoughts especially if you disagree.

After studying the route, I have concluded the freeway is the only reasonable route bwt St George and LV. For that reason and to save a day or two, I have decided to start my Tour to Colorado Springs, CO at St. George rather than ride the freeway.



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