Author Topic: Stop onUS 20 Painesville to Astabula OH.  (Read 6145 times)

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Stop onUS 20 Painesville to Astabula OH.
« on: August 17, 2004, 02:03:39 am »
Starting from the Court House park in Painsville OH
 Afte a lunch at the Salvation Army at 1100PM and free Shower Pick Up route OH state 84 east to Wood Road cross middle ridge to route 20 then head east past 5545 North Ridge Old World Cylery. Bob there will fix any old bike and cater to bike tour people as well. If you are in a bind he will let camp out in the back of his shop. He carries panners and has full line of bike lights. Giant Eagle grocery stre in madison has a full service deli. The Goodwill Store on the way the Madison Park on Lake Erie. There is  a Good Ice cream Parlor and the Wagon Wheel were rock and roll has beens play..The Flying Burrito is bike freindly,Of Intrest the manion on the Lake front there has been under construvtion for 4 years. The ownner was busted for money laudering and the manion may be turned in a community center. It is artechuraly sigafigant in that there has been nothing like this built in 70 years. There is also a Frank Lyod Wright House nearby. then it would best to take Oh *4 to Asatbula to Biker Heaven Genava On the lake were the State has built a lke front lodge which is run by the same people who run yellowstone park it costs about 60.00 a night from there you east Past Kent State Astabula Campus which has internet access. from there its into astabula harbor which take caution due to heavey traffic. Sep-May Salvation Army has a free lunch.