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Route to Pheonix From LA
« on: January 23, 2005, 04:17:32 pm »
Hello,  I'm currently riding from Portland to New York, and am in San Francisco now.  I have to take a few days to rest my Achilles, and would like to save just a few days of riding by not riding all the way down to San Diego to turn left onto the "Southern Tier" tour.  Istead I thought that I could turn at La instead and save some days.  Is this feasable?  Any guidance would be appreciated.  I would like to meet back up with the Southern Tier route at Phoenix.  Thank you,  Dave  :)

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Route to Pheonix From LA
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2005, 10:25:02 pm »
I've researched a possible route from Phoenix direct to LA because I may end up wanting to end my east to west Southern Tier ride this spring by going straight to LA and bypassing San Diego. I think I found a feasible way to do it. The tricky part of course is crossing the Mojave Desert. Starting in LA, this is what you'd do. Make your way along the coast route to Huntington Beach. Pick up the Santa Ana River Trail and head inland. This is a paved, flat, off the street bike path that runs for 30 miles all the way to Corona. From there, take 6th St through Riverside, then Magnolia. Go right on Arlington, then right on Allesandro. Follow Allesandro through the Moreno Valley all the way to Gilman Springs Rd. Then go up the canyon on Hwy 79 to Beaumont. Follow the frontage roads east along I10 to Hwy 111 which takes you to Palms Springs. (You may have to get on I10 for just a bit if you run out of frontage.) Follow Hwy 111 through P.S. and then take Hwy 86 south to Brawley, where you rejoin the Adventure Cycling Southern Route. I guess theoretically you could head straight east on I10, but it's a really long haul on a busy interstate with no place to stay until Blythe. I haven't actually ridden this route, but it looks good on paper :) ---Brian