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Cool rides!!
« on: January 31, 2005, 10:35:14 am »
Hi there!
I guess this is going to sound like another lame attempt to get visitors to our website but I have a serious question.

At we are trying to set up a centralized database of adventurous cycling and route information. The website is founded by a non-profit organization and it's only goal is to inform cyclists about cycling in general and give them route/ country information.

I myself am a great enthusiast on adventurous cycling tours and I’ve done my share of cycling in America and Europe.

I'm positive that there's a world of cool ride experience en route information lying around here at adventure, but sinds the organization is more focused on traveling in North- America I feel this info is going to waste (or at least part of it).

So I'd like to ask you to help us out and add some route information to our database.
This way we can share our knowledge and discover the world in the most coolest way: Cycling!!!

Really hope this doesn't sound to lame, but don't let that info go to waste!!