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West Virginia: Clarksburg to Cass
« on: July 01, 2005, 01:44:12 pm »
I've been posting this request around the touring forums,  help me if you can.  

Perhaps someone has experience with a good connection route between the eastern terminus of the North Bend Rail Trail near Clarksburg and the northern terminus of the Greenbrier Trail near Cass in West (By God) Virginia. I'm looking for an Inn or campsite somewhere toward the Cass end of the route. The map indicates a hundred miles between the two points (regardless of the route). I'll be rolling light with three other riders on a tour across southern Ohio and West Virginia. One day century rides (after a week of touring) in the Appalachian Mountains are beyond the ability of one of the riders and not exactly what the rest of us would call "fun". Current intentions have us staying in Clarksburg overnight before departing for Cass. I need to locate the best route for bicycle touring between the two points and a place to spend the night (we camp if we must) sixty to seventy miles out from Clarksburg.

Elkins, WV is the obvious choice for an overnight stop but I am often fooled by what appears to be the obvious best choice. There are a number of small roads in the area besides some highway routes. Physical effort is not a problem for the distance being travelled but cycling friendly traffic is important.

Just in case you might know: Where can we find a top shelf margarita in Elkins?

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