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Calling all Great Divide Riders!
« on: April 10, 2007, 11:29:24 am »
Hey there!

We have a group of 5 heading north from Antelope Wells, NM on May 17th.  Anyone else doing south to north in this same time frame?  Anyone want to meet up along the way?  The group of 5 will become 2 as we leave New Mexico, anyone looking to bike a section in CO, WY, MT, or BC?  Email me We'll be doing 50 miles a day with a day off a week to explore on foot and restock supplies..

So, I'm just wondering who we may run into on the trail.  I'm trying to learn about as many folks riding the trail this summer as possible.  It would be really fun to meet along the way and swap stories!  :)

I also have some questions from GD Veterans..

1) Is May 17th too early of a starting date considering that there may be snow in the high passes of New Mexico that we'd potentially be running into at the end of May?

2) What is the best way to get to the trail head in Antelope Wells?

3) Is it necessary to carry a bear proof food container?

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Calling all Great Divide Riders!
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2007, 10:55:24 am »
The weather isn't cooperating this year.  Check http:// for snowpack information.  It's snowing today in
the southern rockies.  We might not have clear passes until mid june

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Calling all Great Divide Riders!
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2007, 08:12:06 am »
We now have a group of 6 leaving from Antelope Wells, NM on May 17th!  Wish us luck! :)

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Calling all Great Divide Riders!
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2007, 08:38:32 pm »
I'll take a crack at the questions for veterans here...

Here's a link to my trip journal from my last year's north to south trip.  It'll have some more details on this stuff.

We did a rental car to get to El Paso,  but Amtrak also goes there.  That's the closest city with any kind of connections to the outside world.  Depending on how serious you are about the official route you can cut up toward Silver City and miss some desert highway.

Snow just depends on the year.  It was almost 100 percent cleared out for me last year starting around the same time--just had to hike over a couple of drifts.  If it's still significant when you start, you may just want to do short days in NM and by the time you get to the big mountains you should be OK.  50 miles is a long way to go at first so your body will thank you for the short days anyway.  The route doesn't follow the top of things for long usually so even if snow is significant, worst-case scenario should be that you'll have to hike-a-bike a few miles up top.  

About bears -- I always just did the triangle thing where you camp in one spot, cook in another, and put the food in a third, with the food and cooking spots downwind from the camp.  I just put all the food in a garbage bag on the ground.  I never had anything get into it, but I may just have been lucky.  The bears definitely are out there and with a bigger group you may be giving them more to smell than we were.  Also I'm not sure all campers would agree with my system--it should keep the bears away from you but still can cause trouble for a bear that finds out it likes people food.

Good luck... it'll be a great trip.  You should run into all the racers too, which is cool.  Are you going to be posting any updates?