Author Topic: Blaine, WA to Tsawwassen ferries  (Read 4651 times)

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Blaine, WA to Tsawwassen ferries
« on: April 29, 2007, 11:58:46 pm »
Can anyone out there give me some tips on getting from just north of
Blaine, WA to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal?  The map I'm looking at
seems to suggest the King George Hwy to Ladner Trunk road to the 17.  
There's an tempting road called Colebrook road that seems to connect to
Ladner Trunk...also there's a dike that follows the bay which might work-
any help would be great...thanks-EC
ps: any suggestions on good maps would be helpful- we're leaving the
ACA maps just north of Blaine.

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Blaine, WA to Tsawwassen ferries
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2007, 12:42:46 pm »
When I ride from White Rock to the ferry terminal, I use KGH to Hwy 10(Ladner Trunk)and then onto Hwy 17.  Lots of truck traffic however I have never had a problem and there is a bike lane. Watch for construction areas at KGH and 152 St in South Surrey and junction of Hwy 10 and KGH. Be careful at the overpass just west of the Esso/Tim Hortons on Hwy 10. It's narrow and trucks can come close to you. I ususlly wait for a break in traffic and sprint across the overpass.  The other area to watch is on Hwy 17. There is an off road for the trucks to go to Roberts Bank cargo terminal. I wait there for a break in traffic because the truck move very fast along that section
Your option is to take hwy 10 and exit by turning left at 112 St and ride along the gravelled Boundary Bay dike and proceed along the ocean to the city(town) of Tsawwassen and back to Hwy 17 and the ferry terminal. I rode the dike last week on my recumbent and I had no problem with the gravel. There is usually only a few walkers with dogs ( some leashed,some not) on the trail, a few cyclists and the odd horse rider. I stop and let the horse and rider have the right of way. The horse may get spooked. It's a very peaceful ride. Lots of birds including eagles
Other riders will no doubt give you other options.
Colebrook Road is quiet but there is one mother of a hill at the end to get you up to Hwy 10