Author Topic: Northern Tier across the North Cascades: Open but still a lot of snow!  (Read 3547 times)

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We just crossed Rainy and Washington Passes on Washington Route 20/North Cascades Highway on Saturday. The road has been plowed nicely and is clear. But there is still plenty of snow up there! We started to see snow around 3000 feet, by 4000 feet there was snow everywhere. And at Rainy Pass, elevation 4,855 feet the snow on the sides was a wall over three feet tall! It made a very handy bicycle stand.

Now if only Going To The Sun road will be plowed by the time we get there...

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Nice pics! We're hoping to start a norther tier journey in April of a coming year, but will likely need to take US2 over Steven's Pass (and even that will be highly unlikely if we have another La Nina year up here).

By the way, the photos of what Hwy 20 looked like a month ago are amazing.

WSDOT posted these -- snowdrifts 50 feet tall!

Have a great trip and enjoy the downhill (hope you made a stop at The Duck in Winthrop!)