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California Bike Rides
« on: September 11, 2008, 12:47:34 am »
Tour of California is a cycling blog covering long-distance bike rides in California and related topics. Rides start at about 100 miles in length and range from flat centuries to mountainous double centuries and multi-day tours. The blog also includes an interactive map of bike rides, a mashup application integrating ride data with Google Maps.

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California Bike Rides
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The Pacific coast bicycle route is by far the most scenic, and and one of the most enjoyable routes I have ever cycled through nineteen countries. It is a tough route, very hilly. It may not be best for a beginner, but I do highly recommend it. From north to south you will be helped by a stiff tailwind much of the time, and it is nice and clean air coming in off the pacific. There are plenty of state parks with showers and inexpensive hiker-biker campsites along the way. If you like coffee like I do, there are pleny of coffee shops on the route, and places to purchase wholesome, healthful foods at reasonable prices. I got cantalopes for two for 99 cents. Washington can be excessively rainy delaying your forward progress, but so what. Wear good rain gear and just keep going. I had a great time on the PCBR, and when I finally pulled into San Diego I was sorry to see it coming to an end.