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Re: How much to save to do the TA
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I can tell you. The way you describe your tour, you can do it for thirty dollars a day for absolute sure. There is no question about it. Some days you will spend quite a bit less, and other days more, and that is only as you described your intended trip. Thirty will do it.

When you say you will be camping a majority of the time it leaves a lot of room for error. For example, for a trip of ninety days a majority could be fifty days, leaving forty for motels, in which case you can throw the thirty estimate out the window. If you want an estimate you have to be more precise about what you are planning to do. If you camp a majority of the time and stay with pre-arranged free lodging other nights, that is something else again. If you camp a majority of your nights, what will you do on the minority of nights? When I cycle coss country I average about $30.00 per day, and that is with occasional days in motels, but not many. One a 66 day, 3700 mile tour, I cycled 54 days, and spent about six days in motels, three days at homes , and three days elsewhere free. In this case the majority of nights camped out is large compared to other forms of shelter for the night.
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