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Has anyone sucessfully loaded any of the routes into Topo USA?  I have converted the first L&C gpx file to Delorme .anr format using GPS Babel.  The waypoints appear to be correct, but the route is not.

Any suggestions?



Hi Stephen. I created those GPX files, so have a fatherly interest in them. :) Just what went wrong with the routes?


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Not any suggestion, but I have both 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 gpsbabel and as near as I can tell it doesn't write .anr format.

What versionof gpsbabel aare you using and what is the command line you used to perform the conversion?


After posting my7 previous message I remembered gpsbabel's strange handling of waypts, rtes and trks.

Whatever options you are using, have you tried supplying a 'r'?

By default only waypoints are converted. The 'r' does routes.

I admit that I am new to being a geek. That being said, what do I need to do to a.) download routes into Topo USA 5.0 and b.) then into my GPS? Is the base model E-trex too unsophistcated to do that? I bought it to use in conjunction with my Magellan 315, because the 315 gives me more info and options, but I can't get a PC cable for it any more, and the E-trex came with a handlebar mouunt.

What do I do to make it all work?


Hans Erdman, WEMT
Backcountry Trail Patrol


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