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I am returning to cycling and want to purchase a bike which I can use for commuting, some weekend offroading and hopefully next summer, some touring.  

Any ideas from your experiences as to which bike would be a good one??  I am hoping for something in the price range of 1k or less.  The most current magazine listed the REI safari but wanted to hear from you all.

If anyone's out there, pls respond.


Although I'm not familiar with specific bikes available, part of your decision should be what type of touring you're going to do. Road touring, MTB tours; short (30-40 miles/day), longer (40-70 miles/day); fully loaded (panniers-self supported), lightly loaded (motels, restaurants). Find a bike shop that has an employee that either tours or is knowledgeable about touring. REI may have an employee that has toured, but be wary if all they try to do is sell you a bike & accessories.


Thanks for replying.  Didn't think about tour length.  I know I like going long distances and will probably camp with some hotels.

Mostly, I think I'll be commuting and weekend mountain biking.

Thanks again.

I love my recumbent.  It is sure comfort for the long haul. Not worth a hoot off road.  


I plan on hitting the stores this week and talking with employees there; after searching the net on some different bikes I think I am going to go for something I can use for commuting and mt biking; when I tour I'll rent one or borrow one perhaps...that is if what I end up getting isn't worth modifing for a touring trip. I use to mtn bike the trails riding for 3 day weekends from mtn to desert and want to start that up again so I think I have a bit more research ahead of me.  

And pmspirito, thanks for getting back to me as well.  I see the recumbents on the road, they look cool but just not for me, I like to play a little rough in the dirt, thanks for the info though :o).



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