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Wraparound Prescription Sunglasses

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I wear prescription glasses and was hoping to find a pair of wraparound frames that I can take to an optometrist to have prescription lenses put in.  Anyone have any suggestions?  And I already know about the glasses that you put over your glasses, that's not very appealing.  Thanks in advance....

Devin Holmes

I have a pair of Bolle Parole glasses which have an RX insert and they work just fine.  Nice this is that you can change lens colors too.  I think I got them through Performance Bike.

Very nice suggestion, I'll have to take a look, they have a store here in Sacramento.  Thanks much!

Devin Holmes

If you wear bifocals or graduated lenses, about the only style I've found are Rudy Project Kerosenes.  I've had them for two years with Nikon/Accuview lens inserts and they work great.  The wrap lenses are a lot better than conventional prescription sunglasses for riding.

This message may be a bit late to do you any good but I have some thoughts on this subject.  I've worn glasses since I was 10 years old and been riding for 18 years so I've got some experience with this.

Prescription inserts for the various "boutique" sports glasses have gotten mixed reviews. Some riders like them.  Others find that with four surfaces to keep clean, the extra weight, fogging tendency and great expense for the combination, they aren't worth the trouble.

I've always ridden using my regular prescription glasses and sunglasses but have discovered one factor in frame design that makes a big difference. The bridge must be "closed" to prevent air leakage and protect your eyes adequately.  Frames with nose pads don't work well but a universal bridge makes a world of difference.


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