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panniers vs. BOB-like trailers??

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I'm trying to make a choice and want opinions from folks who've used em' (both?) Riding down the Pacific coast, often cross winds.TextText

Adventure Cyclist has run articles by really knowledgeable people on this perennial topic. Try reading this article by John Schubert.

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I'm surprised this hasn't generated a little more action. There seem to be a lot of people with strong opinions one way or another. I personally use panniers, and am happy. Haven't tried a Bob or similiar, although I wouldn't mind. It seems to me that in windy conditions that the Bob trailer might be the better setup, as they seem a little more aero. It would be hard to get less aero than a touring bike with 4 panniers and bar bag.

Thanks for the responce. HAs ANYone used both, and made a decided choice between the two??

I have used Bob on a very long back country trip. It definitely has some problems.  it hangs up on logs and large rocks even though you bike wheels roll right over where paniers alllow you to roll your large wheels over. Also BOB oscilates going down hill if it isn't loaded just so or is close to maximum load and that can be a truly frightening experience!  Also when riding off road and up loose or really steep grades a smaller person may find the weight too much and have to push and it reacts just like a trailer. I've slid down hill backwards and had BOB jackknife unfortunately you have to straigten BOB in order to unhook. I think if you are a light weight person travelling alone off road and fairly heavily loaded you are better of with paniers

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