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YAK Plus Trailer vs. IBEX Plus Trailer

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While cycling along the C & O Canal a couple of weeks ago, the trailer I was using to haul my gear broke its axel.  I want to replace the trailer with a BOBs trailer.  I am wondering if it's worth the extra $100 for the IBEX Plus with suspension compared to the YAK Plus without the suspension.

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I just bought my Ibex. Love It!!! The shock in the back helps take out alot of the bounce. You can adjust the shock so that it rides softer or harder. If you shop around you can find it cheaper. I found mine on Ebay. I paid $300 for it and it was brand new!! Good Luck

Hey, I used my BOB (non-suspension) for a bunch of trips and had so many problems I have gone back to LowRiders and a rack.  WAY BETTER!
Last trip I was on with my "BOOB"  (Which is For Sale by the way ,,, (Improved and in perfect condition, 'cept for a few scratches, $195)  Again, last trip I used it, my "BOOB" bent one of my rear drop outs.  Plus the "BOOB" QR was bending all the time.  Oh yes, I have two slightly tweeked "BOOB" QR's that go with the BOB Sale.  Also have a 16x1" extra wheel with two 1" tires for $$75.

If any one has interest, and will share your email address, I'll send you pix of the LowRider Rack I made that is "BombProof" and not welded together.  Made of aluminum channel, Hardware store stock.  Light, inexpensive, and easily repaired.  LOVE it!  
Camper Daver

Please send photo of your bomb proof system to:
Thanks, and happy trails

Thank You

Please send me the photo too.


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