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making my first cross country trip this summer.
any lists of tools necessary would be most helpful.
thank you.
david: )

You can find a lot of that info right here on the site.

Here are two good links:

Hope this helps...  Matt

Thinking about what I carry on tour. Topeak Alien multi tool covers most things. Chainring bolt wrench-never needed it on the road, but its small and light. Lifu brand cassette lockring tool incase I need to pull the casette to change a spoke. Its a 1 piece stamped metal unit, not like the Park unit which requires a wrench as well. I don't take a chain whip-you can hold the cassette with the chain itself if you need to. Of course, a patch kit & tire levers. I carry two of the kevlar "Fibre-Fix" spokes for emergency repair of broken spokes. I also carry a couple replacement spokes. Never used either out on the road. I carry an assortment of nuts and bolts in relevant sizes, as well as duct tape and a few "zap straps", and a couple replacement chain links. And chain lube and maybe a little thing of degreaser. Latex gloves can be handy to keep your hands clean, but I always seem to forget about them till after I start the job, so the "handy wipe" napkins are handy.
I'm sure half the people out there think this is way too much stuff, and the other half think its not nearly enough.

I am part of that second half.  Your list is very good. I ride an EZ racer recumbent that has a 16 inch front wheel and a 20 inch rear wheel.  I carry 3 spokes and 2 tubes for each wheel, and a patch kit. Several CO2 cartridges of bottled air.  I also picked up at a  Walgreens drug store a bicycle sized can of fix-a-flat. I figure it might be good for the slow leak till I get to camp. Park Tools makes a "tire boot" that looks like a thick piece of wide scotch tape you apply to the inside of a tire if the tire sidewall or tread splits.

I believe the more you carry the less you need.

Peter Spirito

Bike touring puts stress on your bike big time so think about the worst disaster you can deal with and plan accordingly.  Anything beyond your mechanical capabilities will have to be dealt with by other means (such as hitching a ride to a bike shop).  (So if you don't know how to remove a cassette don't bring the tools.  They'd be dead weight.) On my recent trip (see which includes a list of equipment) I took:
assorted allen wrenches, a Swiss army knife, electrical tape,  spare tubes, a patch kit, assorted nut drivers, tire levers, a spoke wrench, kevlar replacement spokes, replacement cables, some spare nuts and screws, a Zefal pump, and a chain tool.  

I wish I had taken spare tires and duct tape.

Good luck.


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