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I'm new to the touring scene having ridden mostly on racing oriented bikes.  What are the sweet tires for a touring bike?  Are any foldable?

I've done some research and found the Panaracer Pasela to be one of the better tires. Available in both wire and kevlar beaded (non folding/folding) and kevlar belt (puncture prevention, and a variety of sizes (700 x 32, 35, and 37 widths). For some reason the tread design on the 37 width is different from the 32 & 35mm widths.

I've used Panaracer tires for almost 20 years and think they're some of the best quality tires made for touring.

Richard Pace

May I recomend tires reinforced with Kevlar, Velox rim tape, Tuffy liners, and thorn proof tubes.  Over the years this set up has never let me down.  I just gave my EZ racer a tune-up and picked out glass embedded in the tread so deep that I know I would have had a flat if not for the combo I use.

Peter Spirito

The Continental Top Touring 2000's are great tires in my book, and for a lot of others. I alos run Mr Tuffy tire liners to minimize the flat issue( I think its about 3 flats in 4 years for 2 bikes with this set up). I did try a set of Schwalbe Marathons when my first set of Conti's started to wear out. I really disliked the difference in handling with the new tires. I also skipped the tire liners since the Marathons have a Kevlar belt, and got a flat in pretty short order. The Marathons are now in the garage, and a new set of Conti's is on the bike.
There does seem to be an issue with supply of Continentals at least here in Canada-several times shops have tried and just been unable to get them for us, so shen we find some we just grab them.

Some choices...

Schwalbe Marathon
Continental Top Touring 2000
Continental Travel Contact
Avocet Cross II K

I've had good luck over the years while running on 700x35  Avocet Cross tires.


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