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It seems most of the tires mentioned under "tires"
are for road touring.  Can anyone mention any
ideal tires for a great divide tour.  If anyone has
ridden the great divide could you say what tires you
used and how many flats you had.  

Dan Iam doing the great divide this summer. Check out the IRC Trailbear tire. 2.25 wide plus their on sale at performance bike 19.99 Thats what Iam going with.Have a great trip.

I've ridden 2/3 of the trail (in 4 sections) so far on 3 different tires.  WTB Velociraptors were the best.  No flats over 400+ miles.  Don't use anything advertised as good for racing.  The Trail is no place to cut corners to save weight. You want sturdy side walls.  Its like spokes - the beefier the better.  Nothing ruins a long day like a flat in the middle of nowhere (except maybe a busted chain).

I have not done the GD (yet) but I do a lot of off road riding and trail patrol every year (500-1000 miles) and have also done off-road touring in NW Russia. I have been using WTB Allterrainasaurus tires for several years now (same pair!) and they work great! WTB bills them as an "urban" tire, but I've been using them on dirt roads, fire trails, singletrack and pavement, sometimes on the same ride! The only time I have had any problems is in soft sand. I have a spare pair, just in case, but I haven't needed them so far. I also have a pair of WTB Weirwolfs but have not needed to switch to them because of terrain, either.

Ride safe,

Hans Erdman, WEMT
Backcountry Trail Patrol

I'll say the same as mentioned above about the WTB Velociraptors.  I used one set for the entire GDMBR, with very few flats.  Not the fastest tread design, but that ain't what you want anyway.


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