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Attracting investor to back glove invention


I have invented a cycling glove (unlike any other on the market) that eliminates those old problems of fatigue, numbness, tingling and poor blood circulation.  The patent search has been completed, along with compilation of all my market research in book form.  Any idea how to find investors willing to discuss investing under $10,000?

Have you considered licensing the design to one of the established cycling clothing makers?  If your design is as revolutionary as you say, Voler, Pearl Izumi, Cannondale, etc. may be interested in producing them on a royalty basis or buying the rights outright.

Another possibility is a bank loan, maybe a home equity loan, since interest rates are at historic lows now.  Keep in mind a private investor is going to want a big share of whatever profits you generate where as a loan just has to be repaid and the rest is your to keep.      

Thanks, Dave. I'll try that route, and I really appreciate your suggestion.

Tim A.


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