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I've heard that the original tire on the BOB Yak wears quickly.  I'm thinking of putting a better tire on before my 2500 mile tour this summer. I have 500 miles on it now. I'm interested in your experience.

I've used my BOB for close to 7 years and I have purchased a generic spare tires and tubes for it but have never had a flat yet over those years. But I have some friends that encountered flats in their first year with their BOBs and unfortunately in one case one friend had to scramble to find a spare tire and ended up getting a pink tire from some roadside girls bike. They still have that same tire now for 4 years. If there is more of problem I have is the bearings in the BOB hub wearing out before I get a flat. ;p

Yes, the BOB tire has a very limited life and has high rolling
resistance. I replaced my stock BOB tire with a Primo Comet
16x1.35 tire when I bought the trailer. The Comet runs
smooth, is very lightweight but durable, and lasts a very long
time. These tires are extraordinary. I have about 6000 miles
on mine and it is hardly worn. You can buy this tire from

Here is a direct link:

Be sure that you order the 16" (305 mm) size and not the 16"
(349 mm). The rim on the BOB is 305 mm.

Thanks. I will check it out. Hostel Shoppe is right up the road from me. I've heard very good things about the store in general.

Your best bet for your Bob wheel is a flat free tire by GREENTIRE.



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