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any suggestion for cell phones co. that has ample towers, signals, etc. along north. tier route? thanks, stan

Based on the research I've done, it seemed that Verizon had the best shot of maintaining a signal.  I confess to being one of the few remaining Americans without a cell phone, so this is a new world to me.  When I stopped by the Verizon store and asked about this, they did recommend something called a "trimode" phone that could jump back and forth between digital and analog depending on what kind of service you were near.

I'd be curious to hear what folks who've ridden this have to say.  Having driven "the high-line" across North Dakota and Montana, I'm guessing there will be stretches of nothing but scenery.   :)


Thanks Dombrosk! I have heard of trimode but being cell phone challenged it passed from ear to ear. As a solo rider my wife insist I get a phone. I'll give several carriers an e-mail.

One guy's impression, based on a solo trip up the Pacific Coast and across the Northern Tier:

For emergencies, the kindness of passing strangers brings help quickly. In areas with cell coverage there are many people around, carrying their own phones. In the wide open spaces with no coverage (plenty of those on the N.T.) someone drives by every 5 or 10 minutes.

For family contact, a prepaid phone card is cheaper, lighter, and more reliable than a mobile.

Whichever you choose, enjoy your trip. I had a blast.



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