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Rain clothing?

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I'd be curious to hear what folks have found works best for riding in the rain.  There are some lower priced options out there using a new 3M fabric, then there's the high-price Gore-Tex.  My hiking outfit just seems to channel water down my butt, so I'm looking for tips on biking-specific gear.
Thanks in advance!

From my experience, hiking or biking with a rain jacket and no rain pants doesn't really work.  I think you need the combo of both, and that should probably do the trick.

I've never owned any Gortex, usually a simple breathable/ waterproof layer will do.  I have a Marmot Precip and Columbia rain pants I believe.  Keeps me pretty dry

I use a set of Marmot Precips both jacket and pants (not the full zip ones) and they work well.  Some of the more cycling specific rain jackets have a extra length of fabric that covers the butt area so perhaps that is what you're looking for.  I think I've seen some in a Performance catalog before...  

I do sometimes commute with just a rain jacket, days when it's really warm, I would simply sweat up rain pants (goretex or not) so I'll simply just wear the rain jacket.  

Everything kind of needs the other if you want to remain dry. Booties without pants is tough cause water will run down your legs unless you really cinch the booties real tight.  

My favorite rain wear right now is the inexpensive O2 stuff.  It's light, fits well, and is very breathable.  For cycling, your jacket should have an extended tail as others have mentioned, especially if you do not have a rear fender or rack.  I don't like Goretex, and other waterproof fabrics, for cycling because they are too heavy and not very breathable.

Thanks to the folks who've responded.  The Marmot Precip seems very comfortable, and has a hood which would be useful in camp.  More specialized bike gear like Pearl Izumi offers a butt flap, but never a hood.  
---If you've ridden with Precip or similar items with hoods, is the hood useful while riding, either under or over your helmet, or is it just something you'd put up when off the bike?
---If you've ridden with gear with a butt flap, how handy is that?  Will you ride longer in the rain before putting on rain pants because of it?
!!! Thanks for the generosity of all the riders who share their knowledge on this forum.  For a new-bie it's a fantastic resource!


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