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Anyone name their bike?

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I came up with hurricane one day on a transAm tour.. got to the Green River in Mammoth Cave NP, and the one day that year the ferry shut down was the day we needed to cross the river.  So I decided nothing short of a hurricane would stop me and I decided to swim over with my bike :p

my bike's name is not fit to print in a family publication...of course it usually only hears it's name on some exceptionally cruel uphill or when something is broke!

Moose. Actually, Moose 1 and 2. Where I ride, the wiley ungulates are fairly common, and I am always worried that a typically nearsighted Bullwinkle is going to think me and my mountain bike, with it's wide bars and bar ends, are a competitor with it's head lowered as a challenge.

I guess you have to be in Minnesota.

Ride safe,

Hans Erdman, WEMT
Backcountry Trail Patrol

Mighty Glory!  I named her on my Solo X-Country trip last summer.  I hooked up some mini speakers to my handlebars and brought 8 cds along with me.  I must of listened to them a thousand times.  But everytime the Jerry Garcia Band song "The Mighty Glory" came on, I kicked things up another notch.  She's a pretty one.  :)

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As two of us were sitting on a curb in somewhere South
Dakota mid-way through a cross country trip a few years ago,
watching the flags on the poles in front of a convenience
store indicate the headwind was continuing, and sipping a
cold coke in the 100 degree heat, an elderly gent
approached, did a sidelong look at the two touring rigs
leaning up against the building in the shade, voiced the
usual "boy what a load comments" and annoited the two
beasts the "Wire Donkeys".


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