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Re: Windsor Tourist? Is this a good bike?
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2012, 12:05:45 am »
I've owned three Windsor Tourists since 2004, toured with them extensively in Europe and North America (four paniers, tent, sleeping bag - 20 kg) without any major mechanical problems and have been very satisfied with all of them.  In my opinion, the Tourist is probablyy the best value for money in a touring bike.  As other replies here indicate, you're often paying an extra $500 for an almost identical bike with a name brand label made in the same factory in Taiwan so why bother? 

I'd recommend running slightly fatter-than-supplied tires for loaded tours, purchasing a better rear rack than the one bikesdirect supplies to stop panniers flapping against the rear wheel and installing a slightly lower gear ratio cassette when the first one wears out.  Apart from that, no probs.

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Re: Windsor Tourist? Is this a good bike?
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The above two postings reporting good experiences with Windsor Tourists from Bikes Direct either state directly or imply that the owner must be a reasonably competent bike mechanic or be willing to pay someone who is to "finish" the bikes.  As long as the frame and fork are decently constructed and aligned, the other problems can be addressed if you (or someone you hire) knows what to do.

Poorly built wheels can be trued and tensioned properly, poor shifting and braking can be adjusted to work well, bearings can be readjusted as needed, etc.   Bikes direct can provide a fully functional bike out of the box but the smart money doesn't bet it that way and plans to correct the shortcomings themselves.