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Knee Savers
« on: August 18, 2006, 09:39:55 am »
Hi everyone:

I just bought a Cannondale T2000 recently and am new to this sport.  I've been an avid mt. biker for years but my new bike has me rubbing my right foot with the crank (despite moving the clip the farthest it would go).  I wear size 48 and am able to adjust this with my mt. bike shoes and clips but not the new ones.  So the shop that fitted me suggested these pedal extenders/knee-saver devices.  Of course the rubbing has been eliminated since the pedal is now moved laterally from the crank.  BUT...I did both sides.  Should I only do the side that was rubbing.  The reason I ask is because it seems now that my feet are TOO FAR from the crank laterally (or so I think).  So maybe the real question is if you have a foot that rubs the crank do you get a new crank with a better profile or just modify it so your foot doesn't rub? you do both sides to keep things symmetrical?  Now I have the knee-saver device on both sides with the clips maxed-out to push the shoe as close to the crank as possible.  My left knee seems a little different after a long ride too.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks all!!