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Possible solution for rust problems
« on: October 25, 2006, 09:16:07 pm »
Thought I would put this out for what it is worth. About five years ago while we were still cruising aboard our sailboat full time, we saw a diver in Beaufort S.C. doing some bottomn work on a boat using some expensive tools that looked in mint condition. He was working in salt water. He told me that the tools were a year old. Technically these tools should have been a rusted mess--but where not.  He treated the tools with a substance called Ballistol. I went out and bought some and started to use the stuff on exposed steel and, guess what? No more rust. I now live on the Maine Coast close enough to the ocean to be concerned about salt air. For the past two years I have treated my casettes, chains, cables, and any other rustable metal with Ballistol. I use the brand of my choice for chain lube, etc. but have had no rust problems whatsoever. The stuff is available in some gun stores, and also on the internet. Thought some people with rust problems could use the info. It does remove existing rust in the beginning stages. Best Regards,  Alex