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Hub generator
« on: December 11, 2006, 12:01:46 am »
This has been more then likely brought up before but does anyone out there use them.  I'm thinking about building a wheel with one and would like to know how they perform? Shimano looks like a good unit.

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Hub generator
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2006, 03:40:43 pm »
I use the Shimano DH-3N71 front hub generator and two Schmidt E6 3watt head lights.  The Shimano hub has quite a bit of drag.  I changed to my regular wheel during the daylight on a recent ride to get rid of the excessive Shimano generator hub drag when the lights are not turned on.  I'd spend the extra $120 for the Schmidt if I had a choice.  I bought my setup off a friend who went cheap, at first.  He did the cheaper Shimano hub and worthless official Shimano generator light.  Then he bought the dual Schmidt E6 lights because the official Shimano generator lights are worthless.  I bought the set off of him when he decided he wanted to go a different route for lights.  We both used the setup, Shimano hub and dual Schmidt lights, on 1200k brevets this year.  Different 1200ks for each of us.  I'm using the setup for night rides now.

The Schmidt lights are very good.  Actually they are great.  I have them mounted low on Minoura Besso fork mounts.  Right above the front hub.  Minoura Besso are like Cronometro Nob things except far superior.  Available from Nashbar.  The secondary Schmidt light does not really add a lot of extra light.  The primary light is about 75% of the light.  The secondary might add the other 25%.  Even though both are the same light supposedly.  To save $125, I'd recommend just going with the Schmidt E6 primary light and skipping the secondary Schmidt E6.

Mounting hardware to get the lights in the best spot, right down by the front hub, will run about $25 per light.  $15 for the handlebar mounting bracket, then another $10 for the Minoura Besso fork mount thing.

Bulbs, $5 each, tend to blow a bit too quickly.

You still need a second light source for reading cue sheets and computers at night and reading road signs at night.  You need a helmet light as an auxillary.  Also at intersections and very low speeds, the Schmidt lights go dark.  So at stop signs you need a constant light to stay visible.  Good helmet lights are the Nite Hawk Emitter and Princeton EOS.  1 watt LED.  Fairly good light beam to read and be seen by.  Possible to use as your only light if something were to happen to the primary light setup.  But mainly to read computers, cue sheets, road signs, and to be visible when stopped and the Schmidt lights are dark.

Did I mention the Schmidt setup is obscenely expensive?  How did that Pretty Woman movie phrase go?  $200 for the Shimano hub generator front wheel.  $320 for the Schmidt hub generator front wheel.  Plus shipping for each.  Or build your own with $90 for the Shimano hub or $210 for the Schmidt hub.  Plus shipping.  Plus rim and spokes.  Schmidt lights are $100 each.  Plus $20-25 for the mounting hardware for each light.  My setup, Shimano hub and dual Schmidt lights and mountig hardware, is about $450.  Not including the tire.  Add about $120 if you go for the Schmidt hub.  You're talking about $500 or $650 by the time you are done.  But you do have great lights.  And a much lighter wallet.

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Hub generator
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2006, 07:27:14 pm »
I shall be ordering my new tourer at Christmas and it will have the
schmidt dyno with the Solidlights 1203D light.  From the reviews and
feedback I've read on other forums it seems like an excellent, if
expensive, piece of kit.


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Hub generator
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2006, 08:50:05 pm »
I can not say enough great things about the Schimdt Dyno Hub. It is expensive, yes, but worth every penny IMHO. Peter White Cycles is the exclusive US importer of these items though he makes them available to other shops across the country. His website contains very excellent details on the Schmidt products.

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