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Trek R200
« on: December 24, 2006, 01:39:20 am »
A couple of years ago my wife bought this recumbent with good intentions but alas it has become a dust collector.  Though I am somewhat a traditionalist when it come to bikes I keep looking at it and wonder if I should give it a spin. I'm in my bicycle maintenace mode this time of year and it bothers me to see this noble steed just sit.  The 40 some gears it has facinates me and I think I'd like to see what it is like going up a hill. Anyone else have this Trek?    

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Trek R200
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2006, 11:28:08 am »
I don't own one and I only rode one briefly.

The Trek R200 was offered for three years: 99, 00, 01.  It was hailed by the recumbent press as the machine that brought legitimacy to recumbents - but was subsequently given tepid ride reviews.  There were chain derailment issues with that 40 gear drivetrain (Trek provided a fix), and the rider's heel could strike the turning front wheel.  The saddle could slide back for taller riders, but the back support ran out of adjustment and the seat back could wind up uncomfortably upright.  Trek did not support the bike with accessories like racks and bags, and sold the last of them at deeply discounted prices, killing resell values.

None-the-less, many of the owners were enthusiastic.  The bike is nimble and the rider has good visibility.  It has a good seat and good ergos for riders in its fit range.  With its rear suspension, it's one of the more comfortable short wheelbase bents.


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Trek R200
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2007, 12:25:55 am »
I have one of the original Trek R200s. I purchased it the year it came out and was skeptical at first but came to love the bike. Before I purchased the Trek R200 I was riding a Bike E. After 14,000 miles on that bike, I found the floating handle bar and the shorter wheelbase on the Trek a little tricky to get used to. I did get the hang of it and yesterday I crossed the 20,000 mile mark on the R200. It has been the best bike Ive ever owned and Ive owned a bunch. Ive gone through a lot of tires, several sets of chains, and a couple sets of brakes. Other than that, it has performed beautifully. I thought the dual derailers would give me maintenance headaches but not at all. I am blessed with a great local bike shop and they keep it in top form.

I enjoy the bike and watch EBay for any parts I see and buy them up when I can.
I have a considerably more expensive recumbent trike  the Trimuter, and I enjoy it but always come back to the R200 for my distance rides.