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Novara Safari..opinions of ownership

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Just curious to know what opinions/experiences people have had with the Safari by Novara.
Has anyone used one also for just general riding such as training even charity event riding.

Thank you for your thoughts.

I have only had mine for three weeks and it has over 100 miles on it already. I love it! (Not quite as much as my Volpe, but close.) I have been using it for exercise, and may use it for a big ride at month's end. Only complaint so far is it's hard to find a front rack to fit over the disc brakes.

Stay tuned!

National Mountain Bike Patrol-MN

Thank you!!
The only other bike I'm seriously considering IS the Volpe.
I'm doing the Charity ride and training events. Like to get into light touring too.
Love to know your opinion of the pros and cons of each. like the trekking bar on the Safari. Do you like it, dislike it, etc.
Ride quality, comfort, etc..anything you can tell me to contrast those two bikes will be VERY much appreciated.
Thanks so much.


I've had a Safari for a couple of years and, like Trailpatrol, love it.  I used it on a 1,200 mile self-supported tour of about half pavement/half trails this past fall; it performed wonderfully.  It's also great for general riding.  The treking bar look a bit goofy, and I had to add a stem-riser to get it high enough for a comfortable riding position, but it's very comfortable for riding.  It provides a half-dozen hand positions, including a semi-aero mode with forearms on the back part of the bar.  The small Cannondale handlebar bag fits on the bar (by slightly flexing the sides of the bag).  I like the treking bar so much, I'm considering putting one on my BLT.

I did ride the Safari on that 31 mile ride, the MN Ironman Bike Ride, with my medic bag on the back. It is fast, agile and very comfortable. The gearing is great on hills and I scored a new personal fastest ever time (35.7 MPH downhill) with it. I kind of switch back and forth between the Safari and the Volpe now...can't really say which I like best. They are both really great bikes!

Ride safe,


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