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If you don't want spandex, go to your local SportsMart/Authority/Sports Chalet and they offer Mountain Bike Shorts, they are padded just like spandex shorts, made out of nylon usually and are a little baggy.  They work great as well.  Canari makes them as does many manufacturers, Performance Bike has a pair on their website but I've seen them for $30-$40 at the local sports stores.

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I used Body Glide Anit-Blister & Chafing Stick on my TransAm. It works; it's convenient; not messy. Good riding.

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Re: Underwear
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Hi everyone, I'm a first-post newbie!

I'm also a 59 year old male who is just starting to get into cycling (and loving it). I'm a little over-weight but I've spent some time making my saddle/seat/bike reasonably comfortable. I'm getting into light-touring with the hope of long-distance touring in the future.

What I need to know, (seriously) what do you recommend as the best material for 'touring' underwear lingerie? Is there a particular brand you favor? Is there any kind of lotion, powder, salve you might also recommend for a sore old tushy?

While riding, my attire is street-clothes, T-shirt, jeans, etc. After a week of 25 mile days I'm getting tender and sore. I'd like to travel further but I need some help solving my sore-butt problem.

I don't think underwear can be overlooked in any matters. If you are in even hell you must have to have underwear..
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Re: Underwear
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Huh? Guess I missed the point in that last one.
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Re: Underwear
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I ride aa recumbent without shorts.
No, I don't.
I run triathlon-style jammers with seamless synthetic briefs.
Jammers are basically bike shorts without the chamois or padding.

Everyone finds their own recipe for maintining the comfort of their nether parts and the preventing various afflictions that can occur on long distance rides.

Bicycling shorts have evolved to the current designs over nearly a century. You need to separate the hype from practicality (you do not need to run $300 Cinelli bibs worn by Tour d'France stars) but you need to find a style of padding that fits your anatomy while providing protection from your chosen saddle. Because you will be sitting on it for many hours, I suggest you find the saddle you will love first.
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Re: Underwear
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I wear MB shorts with separate padded lycra shorts under. I like having pockets available. When buying shorts I always search out MB shorts with detachable padded inner lycra shorts. Then I can mix and match. I only pack two sets. And always get black or, at least, a dark color.

I have heard that the lycra inner shorts make fine swimwear although I have never tried this.

I wear long sleeve Under Armour jerseys. Red is the brightest color they have available.